Using Puppets With Young Children

Puppetry is the art of giving life to inanimate objects. We can see Children’s doing puppetry instinctively when they play with toys, creating unique voices for each of the characters involved.


sharply observed making Much of dolls credible cooks: The origin of the dolls concentrated where the puppeteer is concentrated, and where the public concentrates. Whether you use a scenario or a return, make sure that the eyes of your doll look at the audience, not on the roof or elsewhere. Did you check a friend if they are the eyes of the audience.

Although the doll speaks to you, you have to look at the audience. He will say, then she looks at you. If you do a show on the stage, must face, then turn another doll talking doll to another audience. Make the other doll remain almost motionless, so do not get distracted talking doll.

If you are not in the public eye, not backstage when the doll speaks not to make eye contact with the audience. Look at the doll, pay attention to the character, the audience does not even see the puppeteers, fully believing in the doll.

Doll Movement

If you use a doll “mouth”, open mouth the words or syllables important. Otherwise, it seems that your doll eats words. This is counterintuitive, what should practice until it comes naturally.

Dolls mouths are similar to the human mouth: the lower jaw moves down, the head is not moved upward while talking. Move thumbs down in the lower jaw of the doll. This seems natural. Use your entire hand, wrist and arm to do the movements. Speaking of moving, you have your doll to make a difference when it comes to seek it in his hand alive. If the doll is removed, let it gently. It has created a character: treat them with respect.


Be consistent when creating characters. Keep the same voice, the same type of actions for each character. are their habits and personality traits enlarged dolls. For example, if you carry a doll sorry, you are not afraid to cry with and grieve. A clever doll can be very clever, an additional awkward can be awkward.

Children and Dolls

It can be difficult to let children use puppets to those who have already created a character. I definitely recommend having puppet shows for children to use, but if you let children use a doll, it can lose its personality in the hands of someone else. If you use dolls for children, ask them questions about the characters, to encourage them to move quickly through the instinctive beating and biting stage.

The dolls are powerful. Children may feel more comfortable to puppets talking to people and can even trust a doll secrets. Respect the privacy of the child in this case. Softly approaching children with dolls. If a child is afraid or anxious, move the focus away doll. They insist never that the child coupled with a puppet. To make the most accessible dolls, you have to reflect the shyness of a child….

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    Puppets are amazing tools for education. Thanks for sharing this info.

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