Using Puppet in Animation Technology

Animatronics is here to stay!

Using Puppet in Animation Technology is amazing!

Typically animatronics is the method that utilizes electronics and robotics to breathe life into puppets, meaning an animatronics device can b either programmed earlier or can be controlled remotely too. For example, you must have seen huge creatures like the dinosaur in the movie “Jurassic Park” or the Great White in “Jaws”, well these are what are known as animatronics creatures, and they generally seem so real to life very akin to the living animals.


This is usually made use of not just in the movies but also in the creation of theme parks and various other modes of entertainment. With the passing of every year, the technology that is being utilized in animatronics is becoming so much more complicated and stylish that in turn help in making the animatronics creatures look so much more natural and realistic.


Actually, this method is used in the movies and for television productions to carry out various scenes that involve the necessary use of animals that are either extinct and for the simple reason that if these animals did in fact exist, then to carry out these actions would be extremely dangerous and horrendously expensive. The animatronics of today involves various mechanisms that are either manually, via radio or computer controlled. Certain specific movements can be acquired with the use of electrical power, pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders and by the cable is driven machinations.


Animatronics is a methodology that came into being many years before the digital effects were even introduced. The whole process is totally dependent on the accuracy, the creativity and the commitment of the people who have created these animatronics creatures. This concept of animatronics was first thought of and developed by Disney Studio in the year 1954 and was first used in the in the movie “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” when it created the giant squid. In spite of the fact that it was Walt Disney who set animatronics off, it was further developed and modified by various other companies and those who are associated with this are continuously making changes to help make things more and more realistic and paying attention to minute details like the skin, the flexibility of the joints etc.


This concept can be hi-tech and extremely expensive or they can also be really low-tech based on the financial status of the movie. In Disney’s Magic Kingdom there is no dearth of animatronics people and creatures especially like in the Pirates of the Caribbean where Captain Jack and his gang of pirates really keep you so totally and thoroughly enthralled, taking back down memory lane to those days of stories of pirates and the battles that were fought on the pirate ships.


Theme parks are another place that attracts visitors with their innovative and sophisticated creations that are meant to amuse, astound and carry their audiences through a wonderful blend of thrills and exciting content. So as you can see animatronics has come to stay and today there are even college programs that offer degrees specifically on theme park designing.

Animatronics in Action