Know About The Importance Of Puppet Marketing In Modern Days

The life that people have in this era mainly involves work and worry. In an individual’s life there are different issues that need to be dealt with at house, office or self. This amplifies in both urban and rural areas. Especially in this present market scenario where most of the people are already agitated and grieving the economy, it is really hard to sell a product or service through typical age old boring marketing strategies. It is really important to come up with a new and interesting idea or marketing tactic that should catch the attention of potential buyers. As a marketer you need to find a way that not only makes the audience want to stay but also listen and understand all the features of the product or service that you are promoting.


Puppet For Marketing :

A proper registration of emotion and retention of the name is the vital step to succeeding through an unique marketing campaign. Now you might be wondering to know about the procedure that breaks the monotony of life and creates the magic.


Puppets for business marketing are considered to be one of the smartest ideas of selling your product or service and that’s the reason most of the companies are mainly focusing on using puppet for regular marketing campaign.

The reasons behind using Puppet for marketing

The main objective of using puppet is Entertainment! People love entertainment and you should give it to them and smartly combine your marketing strategies under the pretense of fun and rejuvenation


One of the best ways to do so in these days is everyone’s favourite Puppet Show.
It is a dramatic performance delivered by professional puppeteers with dialogue and background music. These human looking dolls or puppets are controlled through stings by puppeteers.
The dramatic value of puppet for regular marketing or video marketing ups the excitement of the crowd and makes them completely understand about the different features of your product or service. The more people are interested about your product or service, the more chances of sells you will have.

Happy Birthday eCards

Creative Uses For Puppets

Most people tend to associate puppets with children, but did you know that nowadays puppets tend to be more appealing to adult audiences than to children? That’s right!

Don’t take me wrong! There is still a huge audience in children, mostly in Pre-K and Kindergarten and also in churches, but for reasons yet to be uncovered, most older children don’t have the fascination for puppets that children used to have in the old days.

In a recent interview with Jeff Dunham, arguably the best ventriloquist in the world nowadays, he mentioned his surprise when, in a huge performance he gave, full house, there was only one 12-year old child in the whole place. The rest of the audience were adults.

And because adults are the biggest consumers of puppet shows nowadays, there are more puppet venues for them nowadays than ever before, in which every single event was catered for children. In this article,we are going to explore 3 companies that use creative ways for marketing puppets at present. These companies go beyond the traditional basic puppet show for children, and that’s why they deserve special attention.

3 Creative Ways of Using Puppets Today

Puppet Planet

Without puppets, there would be no puppet shows at all. Just a visit to her website will blow your mind with amazing custom made productions by Michelle, the owner of this website. Her attention to detail is just stunning, and her affordable puppets are a breeze in a world in which even generic puppets cost an arm and a leg.

In her own words:

I have over 20 years of creative, art, and crafting experience. My puppets are professional hand-made characters with unique design and personality. The art of quality puppet building requires A LOT of time, effort, and experience. My technique is a result of experimenting with methods taught by professional puppet makers and some of the finest puppeteers who have worked with Jim Henson on his Muppet projects. Well…. and lots of trial & error too!

Just by looking at her portfolio you will know this woman walks the talk.


Music Videos

A new trend with some musicians is to add puppets to their music videos. There may be many reasons to do this. First, they are more economical than hiring a cast of actors. With just a puppeteer, different puppets and a few takes, you have a whole cast of characters, for a tiny fraction of the cost. And as mentioned before, adults love puppets, and children too! They are visual and appealing. Jake Michael’s music videos feature puppets in action.


Happy Birthday eCards

While looking into unusual businesses using puppets, I came across Puppets on Fire, a website that offers custom puppet productions for any type of projects you may need, ranging from personal messages to friends or colleagues, to full-fledged marketing campaigns, commercials and training materials for businesses. However, one of the things that blew my mind was their personalized Happy Birthday eCards.

In their own words:

Our PRE-MADE FUNNY eCARDS consist of funny Puppet videos that have already been recorded for different occasions but can be customized by adding the sender’s and the recipient’s name to the message. This is the most economical option and is usually delivered within 24-48 hours.

Funny Birthday eCard

As you can see, there are amazing ways of using puppets, not just for children shows but also for music videos, greeting cards, happy birthday eCards, corporate training, human resources, etc.  So this is the time to act. No more excuses! Get started using puppets today!