Perform Using Two Puppets at Once

Whenever we do a song in our program of Jr . Church, I want to produce a greater effect by having as many dolls on stage as is possible. However, as we don’t usually have more than 4 or 5 puppeteers to perform some members have to work with two puppets at once.

Who said that one person cannot perform more than one puppet? 

Everyone is amazed when we can put 10 puppets on stage at the same time. It’s not easy, but with the right frame of mind and work, it can be achieved very quickly by 5 trained individuals. By trained I do not mean “professionals” but actually amateurs willing to invest some time into improving their performing skills. Of course, there are some things to consider very seriously if you really want to do a good job, even at an amateur level.
In order to handle 2 puppets effectively, it’s very important to follow these guidelines:
– Make a plan with clear objectives and a specific deadline. We all want to do things, but a dream without an action plan is just that, a dream that will go on forever until we decide to materialize it. If we want to create an amazing puppet video or an amazing puppet play, we need to determine what we want to achieve and the time frame to achieve that.

Upper body Workout Routine for Optimal Puppet Performances 

– Do regular exercise to strengthen your arms. It’s not uncommon to find amateur puppeteers almost crying because of the pain of having to keep their arms up for an extended period of time. A few push-ups three times a week and biceps curls as well as triceps extensions can go a long way if you are planning to perform with two puppets for more than 10 minutes.
– The use of two dolls requires more concentration. Not only do you have to focus on the one actively performing, but the puppet not talking still needs to look real and engaged in the action that’ s going on in the play. It’s pathetic to see someone using one hand perfectly while the other hand holding the second puppet is barely hanging from the stage. That’s not acceptable, both need to look as if they were in a real conversation.
– Related to the previous point. also remember that both puppets are not clones. Don’t do exactly the same with both hands. Change the movements even a little so that each puppet has their own style. The key is to practice, practice, practice until you can convince your audience that it’s not puppet show but a display of little living creatures.
– Be your worst critic. Record yourself while practicing and watch your video. Do you sound convincing? Are both puppets “alive” and “believable” as if they were being performed by two different individuals? Are their voices clearly distinguishable?

Anything less than perfect is not acceptable. Practice as much as possible to get there. It may not be an easy task, but if you put your heart into it you can record your performance and share it with people you care about for years to come. That’s an amazing return on your time investment in the project.

Follow these few tips and in no time you will have full blown puppet productions at church that will dazzle adults and children alike make you proud for years to come,

Know About The Importance Of Puppet Marketing In Modern Days

The life that people have in this era mainly involves work and worry. In an individual’s life there are different issues that need to be dealt with at house, office or self. This amplifies in both urban and rural areas. Especially in this present market scenario where most of the people are already agitated and grieving the economy, it is really hard to sell a product or service through typical age old boring marketing strategies. It is really important to come up with a new and interesting idea or marketing tactic that should catch the attention of potential buyers. As a marketer you need to find a way that not only makes the audience want to stay but also listen and understand all the features of the product or service that you are promoting.


Puppet For Marketing :

A proper registration of emotion and retention of the name is the vital step to succeeding through an unique marketing campaign. Now you might be wondering to know about the procedure that breaks the monotony of life and creates the magic.


Puppets for business marketing are considered to be one of the smartest ideas of selling your product or service and that’s the reason most of the companies are mainly focusing on using puppet for regular marketing campaign.

The reasons behind using Puppet for marketing

The main objective of using puppet is Entertainment! People love entertainment and you should give it to them and smartly combine your marketing strategies under the pretense of fun and rejuvenation


One of the best ways to do so in these days is everyone’s favourite Puppet Show.
It is a dramatic performance delivered by professional puppeteers with dialogue and background music. These human looking dolls or puppets are controlled through stings by puppeteers.
The dramatic value of puppet for regular marketing or video marketing ups the excitement of the crowd and makes them completely understand about the different features of your product or service. The more people are interested about your product or service, the more chances of sells you will have.

Happy Birthday eCards

Creative Uses For Puppets

Most people tend to associate puppets with children, but did you know that nowadays puppets tend to be more appealing to adult audiences than to children? That’s right!

Don’t take me wrong! There is still a huge audience in children, mostly in Pre-K and Kindergarten and also in churches, but for reasons yet to be uncovered, most older children don’t have the fascination for puppets that children used to have in the old days.

In a recent interview with Jeff Dunham, arguably the best ventriloquist in the world nowadays, he mentioned his surprise when, in a huge performance he gave, full house, there was only one 12-year old child in the whole place. The rest of the audience were adults.

And because adults are the biggest consumers of puppet shows nowadays, there are more puppet venues for them nowadays than ever before, in which every single event was catered for children. In this article,we are going to explore 3 companies that use creative ways for marketing puppets at present. These companies go beyond the traditional basic puppet show for children, and that’s why they deserve special attention.

3 Creative Ways of Using Puppets Today

Puppet Planet

Without puppets, there would be no puppet shows at all. Just a visit to her website will blow your mind with amazing custom made productions by Michelle, the owner of this website. Her attention to detail is just stunning, and her affordable puppets are a breeze in a world in which even generic puppets cost an arm and a leg.

In her own words:

I have over 20 years of creative, art, and crafting experience. My puppets are professional hand-made characters with unique design and personality. The art of quality puppet building requires A LOT of time, effort, and experience. My technique is a result of experimenting with methods taught by professional puppet makers and some of the finest puppeteers who have worked with Jim Henson on his Muppet projects. Well…. and lots of trial & error too!

Just by looking at her portfolio you will know this woman walks the talk.


Music Videos

A new trend with some musicians is to add puppets to their music videos. There may be many reasons to do this. First, they are more economical than hiring a cast of actors. With just a puppeteer, different puppets and a few takes, you have a whole cast of characters, for a tiny fraction of the cost. And as mentioned before, adults love puppets, and children too! They are visual and appealing. Jake Michael’s music videos feature puppets in action.


Happy Birthday eCards

While looking into unusual businesses using puppets, I came across Puppets on Fire, a website that offers custom puppet productions for any type of projects you may need, ranging from personal messages to friends or colleagues, to full-fledged marketing campaigns, commercials and training materials for businesses. However, one of the things that blew my mind was their personalized Happy Birthday eCards.

In their own words:

Our PRE-MADE FUNNY eCARDS consist of funny Puppet videos that have already been recorded for different occasions but can be customized by adding the sender’s and the recipient’s name to the message. This is the most economical option and is usually delivered within 24-48 hours.

Funny Birthday eCard

As you can see, there are amazing ways of using puppets, not just for children shows but also for music videos, greeting cards, happy birthday eCards, corporate training, human resources, etc.  So this is the time to act. No more excuses! Get started using puppets today!


Animatronics is here to stay!

Using Puppet in Animation Technology

Using Puppet in Animation Technology is amazing!

Typically animatronics is the method that utilizes electronics and robotics to breathe life into puppets, meaning an animatronics device can b either programmed earlier or can be controlled remotely too. For example, you must have seen huge creatures like the dinosaur in the movie “Jurassic Park” or the Great White in “Jaws”, well these are what are known as animatronics creatures, and they generally seem so real to life very akin to the living animals.


This is usually made use of not just in the movies but also in the creation of theme parks and various other modes of entertainment. With the passing of every year, the technology that is being utilized in animatronics is becoming so much more complicated and stylish that in turn help in making the animatronics creatures look so much more natural and realistic.


Actually, this method is used in the movies and for television productions to carry out various scenes that involve the necessary use of animals that are either extinct and for the simple reason that if these animals did in fact exist, then to carry out these actions would be extremely dangerous and horrendously expensive. The animatronics of today involves various mechanisms that are either manually, via radio or computer controlled. Certain specific movements can be acquired with the use of electrical power, pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders and by the cable is driven machinations.


Animatronics is a methodology that came into being many years before the digital effects were even introduced. The whole process is totally dependent on the accuracy, the creativity and the commitment of the people who have created these animatronics creatures. This concept of animatronics was first thought of and developed by Disney Studio in the year 1954 and was first used in the in the movie “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” when it created the giant squid. In spite of the fact that it was Walt Disney who set animatronics off, it was further developed and modified by various other companies and those who are associated with this are continuously making changes to help make things more and more realistic and paying attention to minute details like the skin, the flexibility of the joints etc.


This concept can be hi-tech and extremely expensive or they can also be really low-tech based on the financial status of the movie. In Disney’s Magic Kingdom there is no dearth of animatronics people and creatures especially like in the Pirates of the Caribbean where Captain Jack and his gang of pirates really keep you so totally and thoroughly enthralled, taking back down memory lane to those days of stories of pirates and the battles that were fought on the pirate ships.


Theme parks are another place that attracts visitors with their innovative and sophisticated creations that are meant to amuse, astound and carry their audiences through a wonderful blend of thrills and exciting content. So as you can see animatronics has come to stay and today there are even college programs that offer degrees specifically on theme park designing.

Animatronics in Action

Human Arm Puppets

Here are some cool facts you should know about Human Arm Puppets!

Human Arm Puppet

Human Arm Puppet

Human arm and rod arm puppets are built the same way with one exception; the human arm one doesn’t have arms. Instead, it comes with a special shirt and gloves that allow one puppeteer to insert their arms into the sleeves and a second one to work the mouth. This gives greater flexibility and movement but does require coordination and teamwork.

Before you can use a human arm puppet, you need to put it on. The easiest way we found is to have the person who is doing the arms and hands go first. Put on the gloves and then put your arms through the sleeves and knees, with your knees spread apart, at the proper place in the puppet theater. Once you’re in place and the second puppeteer is ready, clasp your hands together and hold them up.

The person working the mouth kneels behind the first puppeteer, placing one knee on their legs and the other knee on the outside. (With practice, you’ll be able to determine which side works best.) The second puppeteer reaches over the shoulder of the first and places his arm up inside the puppet.

If the puppet doesn’t come up right away in the play, have the one doing the arms hold the puppet in his or her lap until just before it’s time to bring it up. If you have both of them ready to go and they’ve got to wait even a minute or two, their arms are going to tire quickly.

You bring the puppet up on stage using the same motion as with a rod arm puppet. Both puppeteers lean back. The one doing the head and mouth takes the lead. It works well to have the puppet’s arms held close to its stomach while it comes up and then start to do any movements after its last step. As you bring the puppet up, it is important to work together. If the one doing the head moves up and the one doing the arms drops down, it will look like the head is stretching off its body.

Once on stage, both tea members need to make sure they keep the puppet at a consistent level. If the one doing the head drops down, but the arms stay up, it gives an effect similar to a turtle pulling its head into its shell. When you do hand motions, remember that moderation is the key word. Be careful that the human arm puppet doesn’t become the center of attention, hindering learning from taking place. And remember that the two puppeteers need to work together as a team even in simple motions. During a performance, it isn’t a good idea for the one doing the hands to throw in an extra movement without letting the other one know about it ahead of time.

Also, while on stage, make sure to keep the puppet as straight up and down as possible. If the one doing the arms leans too far forward, the one doing the head also has to lean forward which can cause a distraction.

To bring the puppet down off the stage, both puppeteers should turn the opposite way of the hand working the puppet. In other words, if the puppeteer is working the head with their right hand, both puppeteers should turn to the left. Don’t turn the puppet all the way so it is facing the back of the theater, just to the side. The one doing the hands drops them out of sight and leans to the side as the puppet walks off the stage.

Bonus Track!

Know How To Build Confidence In your child using Puppets

Build Confidence In your child using Puppets

Build Confidence In your child using Puppets

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One of our goals as parents, guardians, and teachers is to help develop our children socially and to imbue them with the confidence needed for social interaction. To some children, social interaction can be a wearying task. We the parents and adults in the lives of shy children try our best to improve our shy one’s self-esteem, self-confidence, and social skills. We often turn to team sports, camps, drama classes and the like for that purpose, all with good reason. However, these kinds of efforts can be complemented through efforts closer to home. In fact, it is within our own playrooms that lessons in social interaction and self-confidence begin. Many kinds of play aid in bringing children out of their shell. One of these forms of play is puppetry.

Puppet play lets children engage in the art of storytelling and performance which is just as much a social skill as it is a creative skill. By telling a story through puppets a child can increase their comfort level in using their voice and having attention focused on them. In other words, they increase their comfort level as a speaker but they can do this behind the safety of their puppets or a puppet theater. Also, as storytelling comes into so much of our social interaction (whether it is telling stories about our day, or relating something we read about, etc.), telling stories through puppets gives children a great way to practice this social skill as well.

One recommendation for getting a child interested in the storytelling aspect of puppets as well as to give them the initial confidence when foraying into this style of play is to get them a puppet set from a familiar story. You can often find puppet sets for retelling any number of classic fairytales or fables (such as Little Red Riding Hood, Jack, and the Beanstalk, etc.). Beginning by retelling a familiar tale helps lift the pressure off of the child as to what to say or what happens next, giving them a safe way to practice storytelling and to gain confidence in speaking.

Once they feel more comfortable, the child can then use the same characters to tell new adventures and new stories using their own words and ideas. Generating original material is another social skill and sometimes a social stressor for children. Sometimes children fear social interaction for the reason that they simply might not know what to say, or their own words just don’t seem to come to them. Puppetry can give children a chance to practice telling their own stories as well as a simple stream of consciousness speaking using words, thoughts, and feelings that are entirely their own. This, in turn, can make speaking their own thoughts or ideas in a social context a little bit less daunting.

Of course, puppet play does not have to be solitary play. Puppet play by its very nature is social play including a speaker and an audience just like many other social interactions. Also, puppet play allows for the inclusion of more than one puppeteer/speaker as well, making it a great option for play dates. With perhaps a little bit of adult guidance, even a shy child on a play date will find themselves vocal with their playmate through playing with puppets.

In many ways, a puppet in the hands of a child can be a passport towards extroversion from introversion. Through puppetry, children can practice different personalities, different voices, and different approaches to social interaction as well as find their own unique voice. Through this safe form of social practice, children may find themselves feeling more confident and better prepared to speak when called upon to. Remember, we can support our little ones in this venture as well by joining in on the play and of course, nothing helps build confidence more than an enthusiastic and receptive audience.

Some tips to build confidence for children

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Los Títeres Generan Confianza en los niños

Cómo crear confianza con los Títeres

Es muy importante saber Cómo crear confianza con los Títeres

The English Version of this article will be available soon!

Uno de nuestros objetivos como los padres, tutores y maestros es ayudarles a desarrollar a nuestros hijos el desenvolvimiento social e  infundirles la confianza necesaria para la interacción en la sociedad.

Para algunos niños la interacción social puede ser una tarea agotadora. Nosotros, los padres de niños tímidos, nos esforzamos siempre por mejorarles la autoestima, la confianza en sí mismos, y las habilidades sociales. A menudo recurrimos para esto a los deportes de equipo, a los campamentos y hasta a las clases de teatro con muy buena razón.  Sin embargo, puede ayudar a su hijo sin tener que salir de su casa. ¿Cómo? Por medio del juego con títeres y marionetas.

Las marionetas permiten que los niños se involucren en el arte de la narración y la actuación, que son habilidades sociales y creativas. Contando una historia a través de marionetas, un niño puede aumentar su nivel de autoaceptación del uso de su propia voz y sentir que la atención se centra en ellos. En otras palabras, ellos aumentarán gradualmente su nivel de comodidad como oradores pero sin exponerse “personalmente” ya que lo harán detrás de la seguridad que les brindan sus títeres.

Además, como en toda narración, entra en juego en gran parte nuestra interacción social (si se trata de contar historias sobre nuestro día, o en relación a algo que leemos, etc.). Es obvio que el contar historias a través de marionetas les brinda a los niños una gran manera de practicar esta habilidad social.

Una recomendación para lograr que un niño se intere en el aspecto de la narración de marionetas, así como para darles la confianza inicial en este estilo de juego es conseguir que un títere relacionado a una historia familiar. A menudo se pueden  encontrar sets de marionetas de cuentos o fábulas clásicas (como Caperucita Roja, Blancanieves y los Siete Enanitos, etc.).

Al comenzar contando un cuento con el que el niño ya está familiarizado ayuda a quitarle presión al niño sobre qué debe decir o lo que sucede a continuación, dándole una forma segura de practicar la narración y ganar confianza para hablar.

Una vez que el niño se siente más cómodos, puede usar los mismos personajes para contar nuevas aventuras e historias usando sus propias palabras e ideas. La creación y generación de material original es otra habilidad social y, a veces un factor de estrés para los niños. A veces los niños temen a la interacción social por la razón de que simplemente no saben qué decir, o no pueden expresarse en sus propias palabras.

Las marionetas pueden darles a los niños la oportunidad de practicar contando sus propias historias. Esto a su vez puede hacer que expresen sus propios sentimientos,  pensamientos o ideas en un contexto social mucho menos estresante.

Por supuesto, el juego de marionetas no tiene por qué ser en solitario. Cualquier obra de marionetas,  por naturaleza,  es un juego social que incluye un altavoz y un público al igual que muchas otras interacciones sociales. También una obra de marionetas permite la inclusión de más de un titiritero, por lo que es una gran opción para reunirse con amigos y practicar en pos de un objetivo específico en común. Tal vez con un poco de ayuda de un adulto, incluso un niño tímido con un amiguito podrá expresarse fluidamente a través de las marionetas.

En muchos aspectos, un títere en las manos de un niño puede ser un pasaporte desde la introversión hacia la extroversión. A través de los títeres, los niños pueden practicar diferentes personalidades, diferentes voces y diferentes enfoques para la interacción social, así como encontrar su propia voz única.

A través de esta forma segura de interacción social, los niños pueden sentirse más seguros y mejor preparados para hablar cuando les toque en la vida cotidiana. Recuerde que podemos apoyar a nuestros pequeños en esta tarea y así incluimos la interacción social por medio del juego para lograr que el niño tenga más confianza ante un público entusiasta y receptivo.


Cuento infantil para desarrollar la confianza mutua


El Amante de las Comidas

Escritor Invitado:
Román Carrió

Roman Carrio

Roman Carrio, Ingeniero Informático

Mi nombre es Román Carrió, soy argentino pero me desempeño una prestigiosa empresa multinacional de seguridad informática en Caracas, Venezuela. Por un tema laboral, doy charlas en distintos países de Latinoamérica, además de visitar frecuentemente Estados Unidos.

Soy amante de los títeres y de las comidas. Hoy les voy a contar un poquito sobre mis gustos gastronómicos más que nada. Visitar distintas tierras me ha dado la posibilidad de conocer no solo los manjares más diversos, sino también los clásicos platos populares de cada nacionalidad.

Argentina es un país cuya gastronomía está bien posicionada a nivel mundial. Sus carnes se encuentran entre las más destacadas producto de la buena alimentación del ganado. Así y todo no voy a hablar de carnes en este apartado. En realidad debo confesar que soy un gran fanático de las pizzas.  Gruesas, media masa, finas o crocantes, todas tiene una gama de variantes que abarcan desde al paladar más simple hasta el más exigente.

Y si bien hay destacados lugares para visitar en las distintas localidades del país, también existe la posibilidad de poder hacerlas a gusto en tu propia casa. A continuación dejo un sitio con recetas plagado de variedad y sabor:
Me siento un afortunado de haber participado a comienzos de este año en lo que fue un nuevo record mundial guinness de la pizza más larga del mundo. Napolitanos y milaneses se disputaban la gloria, que en principio estaba en manos de los segundos. Pero los de la baja Italia se llevaron la el triundo con, con 1.858,88 metros de la especialidad de ese puerto del sur de Italia que fueron más que los 1.595,45 metros de pizza con la que los milaneses habían entrado al libro Record Guinness en 2015.

Fue una jornada magnífica con cientos de personas emocionadas antes tamaño evento. No estamos hablando de metros de pizza. Estamos hablando de cuadras y cuadras  de una interminable pizza cuya preparación involucró a cientos de profesionales gastronómicos tremendamente sincronizados entre sí.

Sin lugar a dudas la fama mundial de la pizza italiana está muy bien ganada. Lo que me sorprendió a nivel culinario es una alternativa para los amantes de la pizza que se implementó en Argentina algunos años atrás. El denominado pizza party. El pizza party o su traducción, “la fiesta de la pizza”, es la contratación de un maestro pizzero para un evento determinado como puede ser un cumpleaños, evento empresarial, fiesta sorpresa, etc. Dicho cocinero estará acompañado por camareros que se encargarán de distribuir la pizza entre todos los invitados.  Actualmente hay una gran variedad porque se puede decir que son furor en el país. Los hay muchos, lo mejores amasan en el propio domicilio llegando apenas una hora antes al lugar de la fiesta.

Este comercial me encantó porque combina mis dos pasiones. Los títeres y el servicio de pizza party también.


Esto es todo por hoy amigos, en mi próximo viaje les contaré sobre otra pasión de multitudes: La pasta. Gracias por leer estas líneas y pueden escribirme para contar anécdotas o preguntar lo que deseen.

About me: Mi nombre Román Carrió, nací en el barrio de Palermo, en el corazón de la Capital Federal de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Hace 5 años que por temas laborales me mudé a Caracas, Venezuela, donde  me desempeño una prestigiosa empresa multinacional de seguridad informática y doy charlas sobre el tema en Estados Unidos y distintos países de Latinoamérica.

Children Love Puppets!

According to the Oxford Dictionary a puppet is:

A movable model of a person or animal that is used in entertainment and is typically moved either by strings controlled from above or by a hand inside it.

However, according to the same dictionary, a puppet is also:

A person, party, or state under the control of another person, group, or power: he was little more than a puppet of his aides

In this article we’ll focus on the more interesting one: the art of puppetry and the many benefits for children that playing with puppets has to offer.

Puppets: The Finest Dolls
Unlike modern video games and toys, children can play with puppets with little to no effort. Playing with puppets is in itself great fun because your imagination can run wild and you can embark on a journey through time. Puppets could be used to depict various mythological stories over the ages but also to pretend you are with a friend right here, right now.

Children are fascinated by the magic of puppets

Why Children Love To Play Puppets
While most modern toys make children take a passive role in their imagination, puppets do exactly the opposite: they enhance the  imaginative experiences of children. Innovatively built, stuffed toys can be used to introduce your child to those desired habits that you want him or her to develop: how to brush her teeth, how to wash hands, to go to bed at the right time, to eat their food and whatever you can think of: the sky is the limit. Children are highly imaginative;
they can fill up the gaps of whatever you are trying to convey easily, and they incorporate those desired traits very quickly.

Buy your child a puppet or two and them have a blast with them.  Sooner or later, introduce the novel idea (for them at least) of creating their own puppet! Teach your child how to make a puppet at home.

Making a Puppet At Home
Making a puppet at home is not only economical, but also a total challenge for children’s imagination. Their minds start off on a fantasy trip imagining stories and characters they have heard. Don’t deprive your child of the wonders of creating your own puppet.

So without further ado, here is how you make a puppet at home.

Materials you require:
* a couple of wooden spoons
* color brush
* ribbon
* scissors
* cardboard
* paint.
* Don’t forget the glue.

Making it:
Choose the favorite animal of your child to begin with. Any color will do but choose a pleasant color to wash the cardboard and the spoons with. Cutout two ears from the cardboard and glue them onto the spoons after embellishing them. Then proceed to paint the face, eyes, nose and mouth. Finish it with colorful ribbons around its neck tied like your child wanted.

You can also make sock puppets as the following video shows:

Of course you can create a simpler puppet for your child. The easiest puppet you can make at home is a doll with a hollow head of a person or animal and a cloth body; which fits over your hand and manipulated with the fingers. Although they are extremely basic, they serve their purpose as much as the most expensive puppets out there.

This is not to discourage you from buying toy puppets. Instead you have the freedom to choose from thousands upon thousands of free puppet making ideas that you will have all over the internet, plus the commercial varieties that you can purchase in any store.  And if you do decide to go to a store, you will be your child’s hero once again!

Air Puppets

Air Puppets:

The innovation in advertising field has grown up to a large extent. The eye-catching features are added by the advertisers. One such feature is the Air dancers. It is sometimes called as tube man, where the man-like artificial device which is inflatable, having huge tube-like sleeve is installed in front of the malls or similar places, which is an attention-getter. Usually, the height is tall enough for a great view and has a giant look. This is obviously an outdoor advertiser which is made up from nylon or polyester materials. There is a fan beneath the tube man to make it look alive. Thus the motion of the tube will be hilarious. When there aare seasonal offers you can rent them or buy yourself a brand new one. Add the slogan wherever you want on the tube man, since there’s a huge place for them. There will be name and address of the company you bought it for their advertising.


Air Dancer:

The inflatable advertising business has come up with some very lively innovations in recent years. Among these, air dancers or dancing inflatables may evoke the most cheer. If you have driven by towering, nimble nylon air dancers, you have witnessed these popular items. These eye-grabbers come from manufacturers – built to last with premium coated rip-stop nylon. All of our air dancers products use crafty innovation to catch the public’s eye, but the constant movement of these intrinsically humorous items may give them an advantage. Like our other inflatable products, air dancers run off of cold air, and operate with safety. These can come to life with a variety of movements that may go beyond the common conception of their capabilities. We can craft air dancers into many different personalities, like rock stars, jazzes’, superheroes, logos – we will work with any idea of yours and strive to make it come to life.

Thinks to look out for while buying Air Dancers:

Before going ahead advertising your product or services with Air Puppets, make sure you look for following things. Firstly, check the guarantee period. More the guarantee, more time for air dancers to survive. Secondly, check the quality by asking the type of fabrics used. Normally air dancers are made up of nimble nylon. Thirdly, select eye-catching colored Air puppet made from bright colors or patterns, which become an attention getter. This reason is, of course, significant since the business needs lots of attention and innovative ideas are most welcomed.

Advantages of Air Dancers:

Air Dancers are about 20 feet in height and are often used as attention-getters for many businesses. With this innovation, the customers will have a good impression on the company and in turn with the product. Fun, colorful, “living” advertisements are the best definition for innovation and this is one of them. Few other benefits include the easy installation plus easy-to-wrap-them-up feature. If your marketing campaign is over, you always can wrap them up for future use. It also saves money for next time around. These come in Custom design too, which means that you can order the manufacturers suggesting them to put your company logo and slogans in the place you need them to be. The manufacturers also have a variety of designs. With the advertising is a growing innovation, Air dancers assist the businessmen in a good way. They have many colors and graphics can be added, as a cherry on a piece of cake. They dance themselves without the air blown and is totally an eye-catcher.

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