Children Love Puppets!

According to the Oxford Dictionary a puppet is:

A movable model of a person or animal that is used in entertainment and is typically moved either by strings controlled from above or by a hand inside it.

However, according to the same dictionary, a puppet is also:

A person, party, or state under the control of another person, group, or power: he was little more than a puppet of his aides

In this article we’ll focus on the more interesting one: the art of puppetry and the many benefits for children that playing with puppets has to offer.

Puppets: The Finest Dolls
Unlike modern video games and toys, children can play with puppets with little to no effort. Playing with puppets is in itself great fun because your imagination can run wild and you can embark on a journey through time. Puppets could be used to depict various mythological stories over the ages but also to pretend you are with a friend right here, right now.

Children are fascinated by the magic of puppets

Why Children Love To Play Puppets
While most modern toys make children take a passive role in their imagination, puppets do exactly the opposite: they enhance the  imaginative experiences of children. Innovatively built, stuffed toys can be used to introduce your child to those desired habits that you want him or her to develop: how to brush her teeth, how to wash hands, to go to bed at the right time, to eat their food and whatever you can think of: the sky is the limit. Children are highly imaginative;
they can fill up the gaps of whatever you are trying to convey easily, and they incorporate those desired traits very quickly.

Buy your child a puppet or two and them have a blast with them.  Sooner or later, introduce the novel idea (for them at least) of creating their own puppet! Teach your child how to make a puppet at home.

Making a Puppet At Home
Making a puppet at home is not only economical, but also a total challenge for children’s imagination. Their minds start off on a fantasy trip imagining stories and characters they have heard. Don’t deprive your child of the wonders of creating your own puppet.

So without further ado, here is how you make a puppet at home.

Materials you require:
* a couple of wooden spoons
* color brush
* ribbon
* scissors
* cardboard
* paint.
* Don’t forget the glue.

Making it:
Choose the favorite animal of your child to begin with. Any color will do but choose a pleasant color to wash the cardboard and the spoons with. Cutout two ears from the cardboard and glue them onto the spoons after embellishing them. Then proceed to paint the face, eyes, nose and mouth. Finish it with colorful ribbons around its neck tied like your child wanted.

You can also make sock puppets as the following video shows:

Of course you can create a simpler puppet for your child. The easiest puppet you can make at home is a doll with a hollow head of a person or animal and a cloth body; which fits over your hand and manipulated with the fingers. Although they are extremely basic, they serve their purpose as much as the most expensive puppets out there.

This is not to discourage you from buying toy puppets. Instead you have the freedom to choose from thousands upon thousands of free puppet making ideas that you will have all over the internet, plus the commercial varieties that you can purchase in any store.  And if you do decide to go to a store, you will be your child’s hero once again!

Air Puppets

Air Puppets:


The innovation in advertising field has grown up to a large extent. The eye-catching features are added by the advertisers. One such feature is the Air dancers. It is sometimes called as tube man, where the man-like artificial device which is inflatable, having huge tube-like sleeve is installed in front of the malls or similar places which is an attention-getter. Usually the height is tall enough for a great view and has a giant look. This is obviously an outdoor advertiser which is made up from nylon or polyester materials. There is a fan beneath the tube man to make it look alive. Thus the motion of the tube will be hilarious. When there a seasonal offers you can rent them or buy yourself a brand new one. Add the slogan wherever you want on the tube man, since there’s a huge place for them. There will be name and address of the company you bought it for their advertising.


Air Dancer:

The inflatable advertising business has come up with some very lively innovations in recent years. Among these, air dancers or dancing inflatables may evoke the most cheer. If you have driven by towering, nimble nylon air dancers, you have witnessed these popular items. These eye-grabbers come from manufacturers – built to last with premium coated rip stop nylon. All of our air dancers products use crafty innovation to catch the public’s eye, but the constant movement of these intrinsically humorous items may give them an advantage. Like our other inflatable products, air dancers run off of cold air, and operate with safety. These can come to life with a variety of movements that may go beyond the common conception of their capabilities. We can craft air dancers into many different personalities, like rock stars, jazzes’, super heroes, logos – we will work with any idea of yours and strive to make it come to life.

Thinks to look out for while buying Air Dancers:

Before going ahead advertising your product or services with Air Puppets, make sure you look for following things. Firstly, check the guarantee period. More the guarantee, more time for air dancers to survive. Secondly check the quality by asking the type of fabrics used. Normally air dancers are made up of nimble nylon. Thirdly, select eye catching colored Air puppet made from bright colors or patterns, which become an attention getter. This reason is of course significant since the business needs lot of attention and innovative ideas are most welcomed.

Advantages of Air Dancers:

Air Dancers are about 20 feet in height and are often used as attention-getters for many businesses. With this innovation the customers will have a good impression on the company and in turn with the product. Fun, colorful, “living” advertisements are best definition for innovation and this is one of them. Few other benefits include the easy installation plus easy-to-wrap-them-up feature. If your marketing campaign is over, you always can wrap them up for future use. It also saves money for next time around. These come in Custom design too, which means that you can order the manufacturers suggesting them to put your company logo and slogans in the place you them to be. The manufactures too have variety of designs. With the advertising is a growing innovation, Air dancers assist the businessmen in a good way. They have many colors and graphics can be added, as cherry on a piece of cake. They dance themselves without the air blown and is totally an eye-catcher.

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Using Puppets With Young Children

Puppetry is the art of giving life to inanimate objects. We can see Children’s doing puppetry instinctively when they play with toys, creating unique voices for each of the characters involved.


sharply observed making Much of dolls credible cooks: The origin of the dolls concentrated where the puppeteer is concentrated, and where the public concentrates. Whether you use a scenario or a return, make sure that the eyes of your doll look at the audience, not on the roof or elsewhere. Did you check a friend if they are the eyes of the audience.

Although the doll speaks to you, you have to look at the audience. He will say, then she looks at you. If you do a show on the stage, must face, then turn another doll talking doll to another audience. Make the other doll remain almost motionless, so do not get distracted talking doll.

If you are not in the public eye, not backstage when the doll speaks not to make eye contact with the audience. Look at the doll, pay attention to the character, the audience does not even see the puppeteers, fully believing in the doll.

Doll Movement

If you use a doll “mouth”, open mouth the words or syllables important. Otherwise, it seems that your doll eats words. This is counterintuitive, what should practice until it comes naturally.

Dolls mouths are similar to the human mouth: the lower jaw moves down, the head is not moved upward while talking. Move thumbs down in the lower jaw of the doll. This seems natural. Use your entire hand, wrist and arm to do the movements. Speaking of moving, you have your doll to make a difference when it comes to seek it in his hand alive. If the doll is removed, let it gently. It has created a character: treat them with respect.


Be consistent when creating characters. Keep the same voice, the same type of actions for each character. are their habits and personality traits enlarged dolls. For example, if you carry a doll sorry, you are not afraid to cry with and grieve. A clever doll can be very clever, an additional awkward can be awkward.

Children and Dolls

It can be difficult to let children use puppets to those who have already created a character. I definitely recommend having puppet shows for children to use, but if you let children use a doll, it can lose its personality in the hands of someone else. If you use dolls for children, ask them questions about the characters, to encourage them to move quickly through the instinctive beating and biting stage.

The dolls are powerful. Children may feel more comfortable to puppets talking to people and can even trust a doll secrets. Respect the privacy of the child in this case. Softly approaching children with dolls. If a child is afraid or anxious, move the focus away doll. They insist never that the child coupled with a puppet. To make the most accessible dolls, you have to reflect the shyness of a child….

Perform Using Two Puppets at Once

Whenever we do a song in our program of Jr . Church, I want to produce a greater effect by having as many dolls on stage as is possible. However, as we don’t usually have more than 4 or 5 puppeteers to perform some members have to work with two puppets at once.

Who said that one person cannot perform more than one puppet? 

Everyone is amazed when we can put 10 puppets on stage at the same time. It’s not easy, but with the right frame of mind and work, it can be achieved very quickly by 5 trained individuals. By trained I do not mean “professionals” but actually amateurs willing to invest some time into improving their performing skills. Of course, there are some things to consider very seriously if you really want to do a good job, even at an amateur level.
In order to handle 2 puppets effectively, it’s very important to follow these guidelines:
– Make a plan with clear objectives and a specific deadline. We all want to do things, but a dream without an action plan is just that, a dream that will go on forever until we decide to materialize it. If we want to create an amazing puppet video or an amazing puppet play, we need to determine what we want to achieve and the time frame to achieve that.

Upper body Workout Routine for Optimal Puppet Performances 

– Do regular exercise to strengthen your arms. It’s not uncommon to find amateur puppeteers almost crying because of the pain of having to keep their arms up for an extended period of time. A few push-ups three times a week and biceps curls as well as triceps extensions can go a long way if you are planning to perform with two puppets for more than 10 minutes.
– The use of two dolls requires more concentration. Not only do you have to focus on the one actively performing, but the puppet not talking still needs to look real and engaged in the action that’ s going on in the play. It’s pathetic to see someone using one hand perfectly while the other hand holding the second puppet is barely hanging from the stage. That’s not acceptable, both need to look as if they were in a real conversation.
– Related to the previous point. also remember that both puppets are not clones. Don’t do exactly the same with both hands. Change the movements even a little so that each puppet has their own style. The key is to practice, practice, practice until you can convince your audience that it’s not puppet show but a display of little living creatures.
– Be your worst critic. Record yourself while practicing and watch your video. Do you sound convincing? Are both puppets “alive” and “believable” as if they were being performed by two different individuals? Are their voices clearly distinguishable?

Anything less than perfect is not acceptable. Practice as much as possible to get there. It may not be an easy task, but if you put your heart into it you can record your performance and share it with people you care about for years to come. That’s an amazing return on your time investment in the project.

Follow these few tips and in no time you will have full blown puppet productions at church that will dazzle adults and children alike make you proud for years to come,